Sunday, March 22, 2009

Illinois should be renamed "ILL-ANNOYS"

"ILL-ANNOYS" me with the high sales tax in Chicago.

"ILL-ANNOYS" me with new governor Quinn thinking about raising the state tax on cigs, and my mother would agree if we were talking about raising the price of license plates (anotha one of that "boy's" ideas).

A pack will be more than 10 bucks for sure in Chicago if Quinn raises the STATE tax and combined with the well-known fed tax increase.

I read lots of articles on the fed tax increase. Some media folks think a smoker will ask for a pack of say Marlboros, and when this smoker sees 6-7 bucks for the price, the smoker will say "You can keep the pack. I gotta quit smoking now."

If a smoker around me sees $10 for a Newport pack, that smoker won't botha buying it. He/she will buy LOOSE cigs instead. I know of one C-store that doesn't mind selling single Newports out of a pack. I guess selling individual cigs is illegal. But so is smoking weed and making love in alleys.

A smoker might still quit. But as one article puts it, serious smokers won't quit. The media should'vesaid serious smokers will buy individual cigs and packs in the streets.

But even the media wants to ignore the #1 thang a serious smoker will do. If you can't afford 10 bucks for a pack of Newports and you're from around me, you just do whateva it takes to get packs or even cartons.

The whole nation is talking about the cig tax increase albeit you gotta read online articles. But this summer, the nation will be talking about increased numbas of C-store robberies. That's one good reason to stock up now so a smoker won't have to go that route. But I know how certain folks around me think. Their version of stocking up on cigs will be different.

To them, a stock of cig cartons is gonna be like seeing $100 bills being stocked up on the shelf. Multiply that by 100-200 cartons in a C-store....even I would whistle at that amount of menthol cartons.

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