Wednesday, March 4, 2009

IL casinos lost $170 million in revenues during 2008

I knew businesses have been losing money all along with the smoking ban. But IL lost $170 million in gambling revenues last year? Holy sh1t....that's $170 million lost that millions of unemployed folks in Chicago alone could've used!

I bet the amount IL loses in gambling revenues will be twice as that amount by the end of 2009. Cause of the economy, some people might be reluctant to smoke their money away at a smoke-free casino.

No offense to those who actually smoke and gamble. But it is true more Americans are being cautions with whateva lil money they DO have. If you love gambling, feel free to go to Missouri or Indiana so you can at least smoke while playing roulette. How you spend your money is none of my biz.

But of course, antis argue I waste money myself just like gamblers (but I "waste mine" on cigs instead). "F antismokers!" is all I can say about how I spend my own money. Cigs are a necessity just like food for me.

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