Monday, March 2, 2009

I feel for Obama

It's actually good I ain't President. Everytime when I light up a cig, there's gonna be cameras flashing and TV cameras running to watch me take every drag off of my cig. I can even see a critic on TV saying "WOW! I didn't know Afro-Americans smoke!"

(What world are YOU living in? Why do you think antis like to keep harping about how BT attracts "us" to smoking by having brands like Newport and Kool? Sh!t, I've even seen "Afro-Americans smoke" in actual Newport and Kool ads before-LOL)

As much as this country needs a TRUE Black President, I wouldn't make a good candidate. I feel for Obama in one way. I heard people were criticizing him for drinking beer at that Bulls game from last week...and I even rememba seeing a LITERAL W-boy sitting next to him at the game. People think the President shouldn't be drinking beer in front of kids at sport games? Wassup with that?

While I DO hate Obama as a smoker, I do think these Obama critics oughta take a chill pill. What's so big about him drinking beer in front of kids? Kids see adults drink beer all the time in TV commercials. And I'm sure that literal W-boy saw more men drinking beer at the arena.

Kids can't avoid seeing people smoke outside, that's for sure. And I doubt that lil boy asked Obama for a sip of Bud. LOL!

No wonder he doesn't smoke in public. He can't live like a human in public without people up in his nose all the time.

My mother even suspected Obama did somethang else at that game that I do myself. And that's smoke in a men's restroom behind the door of a locked-up stall. :)

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