Monday, March 16, 2009

FL: Proposed drug tests for the unemployed

The idea of testing someone for drugs before he/she can get unemployment is ctazy as he!!. And according to this FL article I found (with its own comment area), if the person fails the drug test, he/she can't get unemployment for a year.


I'm sure these "drug tests" include searching for nic in the person's body. I guess that FL lawmaker thinks "If you can afford to buy tobacco, then you don't need unemployment."

Or maybe money is not meant to be spent on tobacco. And Florida doesn't want their unemployment funds being spent on drugs (and tobacco). I heard a similar argument before like "Money is not meant to be used to buy cigs."

What I spend my money on is none of your Fkin business. I guess that FL lawmaker wants to turn more unemployed smokers into homeless people...and make more unemployed smokers criminals at the same time. Cause if you gonna deny someone unemployment for failing a drug test, how the F is that person gonna get money period? Sh!t, by robbing a bank for money and a C-store for cigs?

I personally hope that proposed idea does NOT pass. Denying someone unemployment benefits for being a smoker (as part of failing a drug test) shows politicians could give a flying sh!t about unemployed smokers who used to work their arses off as Americans.

Would a FL lawmaker like me saying "You shouldn't be spending your money on beer?" If a lawmaker punched me for asking that Q, I'd do the same thang to you on being told "Money is not meant to be spent on tobacco if you're unemployed." And I'd make sure my punch is a good one too, since I hope I can wake your brain up by knocking you out. LOL

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