Monday, March 9, 2009

Comment for Kendra

(I decided to post this as a blog message, since this reply for Kendra is sorta long.)

I know one boycott I heard of is smokers must not buy Big Tobacco cig (or smoke the premium cigs for that matta) for a week as of April 1. I ain't surprised the Natives have to apply the fed tax to their prices.

Yes, the mom and pop snoke shops WILL suffer big time. I think what the government is trying to do is drive smoke shops out of business, including the smoke shops that sell loose tobacco especially.

Convience stores will suffer too, since those places mainly sell the premium cigs along with alcohol. But those convience stores will suffer in anotha way, and I sincerely hope the convience stores are prepared for it.

Here's a hint (although I heard of a 7-Eleven getting hit 3 times this winter). With the troubled economy and the idea of a Newport pack costing as much as 9 bucks as of April in the Windy City, I predict MORE cig-related robberies will happen in those C-stpres

Cigs are gonna be so expensive, nobody is gonna be able to afford to buy even one pack let alone a carton. And neva mind the fact those cig robbers can cash in by selling the stolen packs in the streets.

Underground cig sales will hurt the C-stores and mom/pop smoke shops too.

The idea of people stealing cartons would've been a joke 30 years ago since cigs were affordable back then. But thanks to the government trying to force smokers to quit smoking by having hi-A prices and forcing BT to make fire-safe cigs, some smokers out here gotta do what the F it takes to get cigs and be themselves instead of quit smoking by force.

I'd like to think cig heists might not be common since tons of smokers hate FSCs. But so far in my town, as long as the pack says "Newport" on it, it doesn't matta if the pack is FSC or not. Someone will still buy it off of the streets.

And if a bro or sis is glad to buy a Newport pack off of the streets from a dealer, I'm confident there are the type of urban black smokers who wouldn't mind getting their Newports by stealing cartons.

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