Saturday, March 7, 2009

Buying cigs online is the best option for all smokers

Buying tobacco online is the best option for all smokers in the US when April comes. Marlboro will likely cost 90 bucks per carton in my town as of April, when I factor in the new price increase for PM brands this month (as well as an increase in Newport prices). And of course the tax increase courtesy of Obama we all know about.

And that "we" means all smokers in the USA.

I bet if more fellow black smokers got on the net and learned about online smoke shops and making their own menthols, they would save a HECK of a lotta money on smoking. But unfortunately, a lotta those smokers ONLY want Newports. And the black market is the ONLY way those bros and sistas can save on smoking Newports as of April.

I'm one of the few urban black smokers who's willing to smoke regulars if I have to, provided the brand actually tastes good. I ain't smoking a FSC regular, that's for sure. Even a FSC Newport doesn't taste as sh!tty as FSC Marlboros.

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