Friday, March 20, 2009

Buying cigs offline

I think there are a lot more fewer offline smokers who are aware of the tax increase on April 1 than I thought. I went to Indiana today to use these Newport coupons I got in the mail just for the heck of it before they expire at the end of March.

I got one lil surprise in Indiana. A Newport pack for now is only 5 bucks. Otha brands like Marlboro are 6 bucks per pack over there.

This smoke shop I went to used to have LOTS of customers in it during the days of a Newport pack being only 3 bucks. But it sure was quiet when I walked in there. Aside from the W lady smoking behind the cash register.

One bro walked in there and just bought one pack of Newports. I know well how a lotta smokers are poor. But I guess he wasn't there to stock up on packs before the price goes up again.

I think even "premade smokers" (who don't use the net a lot) will get the biggest shock of their lives as of April when they see 6 bucks for a Newport pack in Indiana. :(

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