Sunday, March 29, 2009

$90,000 worth of cigs has been stolen

This may be a news brief. But this brief has a lotta HUGE meaning to it for similar incidents happening in the future. Also goes to show that the money is indeed in the cig cartons for bootleggas and the black cig market.

At least I was right about more cig-related robberies happening with the tobacco tax hike. And the robberies are happening already. Based on the economy, I ain't surprised these robbers can't wait til April 1 to cash in on cartons.


Heist nets more than $90,000 in cigarettes

MILFORD, Conn. - Milford police say more than $90,000 in cigarettes were stolen over the weekend from a local business that supplies items to convenience stores.

Police say more than 1,500 cartons of cigarettes and an undetermined amount of health and beauty supplies were taken in the burglary early Saturday at Montano Cigarette, Candy and Tobacco on Boston Post Road.

Officials say a large truck used in the burglary was stolen from a local rental business.

Video surveillance shows the perpetrators damaged the burglar alarms and disrupted phone and electricity services to the building. Then, they climbed a ladder to an adjacent building's roof, disabled other alarms and punched holes in the roof over the business to get inside.

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