Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A 2-in-1 post (and long)

Today was orientation day on my job. Yeah, there are some new rules on the job this year. The closest new rule about no smoking aanywhere is last year, this guy didn't like how cashiers were standing in line just before work and (his words) "Huffing and puffing on cigs." This old W-boy mentioned how seeing a line of cashiers smoking cigs (and cigars, since a few of em are cigar smokers....of the lil cigars I mean), leaves a bad image towards the fans.

He made it sound like if a Cub fan sees tons of cashiers smoking just before the cashiers enter the ballpark for work, then those Cub fans won't botha coming up to me to place any orders on the game day.

I dunno what that "boy" is smoking....I hope it ain't crack. LOL Who said fans won't botha letting smoking cashiers serve them? As drunk as some of those fans are before the gates even open, if there's a Cub fan who approaches me and says "Didn't I see you smoking outside earlier? I'll take a hot dog or a beer," then that Cub fan has a darn good memory. My nice looks must've left a good impression on that fan's face if he can rememba seeing me smoking as if that's a big deal. I hope he tips me since I left a good image for him outside as a black smoker. LOL

If I was a fan, I'd be like "Who cares if you smoke? Just gimme two cups of Bud so I can go to my darn seats." (No problem sir. Just don't forget to pay before you leave. LOL!!)

Anyway, while I was gone, I was reminded by myself while there's nothang wrong with trying hard to find an alternative cig brand, I still have this "psychological connection" related with smoking Newports when it comes to being outside smoking in public. When some folks see me, sistas in particular will try asking me for a Newport even if I'm actually not holding a cig. They still make a good "social brand" to smoke. But I still don't like the idea of smoking Newports every day like I used to. That's one reason why I tried several cheapa brands. So I can find an alternative brand I can smoke for my personal enjoyment when at home (and I recently reached that goal of finding a new brand).

But this leads into the next topic. Now I got TWO incentives to stock up on cartons. I not only gotta stock up on Kick cartons online before April. But now that there's talk about Congress trying to force USPS to stop delivering tobacco period. Which means I actually gotta stock up on Newport cartons as well, but sooner than I thought on those.

Cause I gotta take advantage of spending slightly less than 50 bucks per carton on Newports NOW. Not just cause of the tax increase, but IF the days of buying tobacco online comes to an end, I'm gonna be forced to smoke my old brand for good. That I don't have a problem with. But paying 70-100 bucks for one Newport carton offline? I ain't paying that kind of sh!t for ANY cig brand offline, even if I bought one carton at a time instead!

I learned about managing money when I was a younga smoker. But with the April tax increase AND this idea of me possibly not buying any cigs online anymore period, "Managing money as a smoker" takes on a new meaning for me this month. I wish I was rich enough to buy enough cartons of both brands for one full year as the MYO smokers are doing (on buying enough pounds of tobacco for a year). But buying enough cartons of Kicks and Newports for 2-3 months is good for me.

I STILL hope I won't have my option of buying cigs online taken away. What I plan on spending on several cartons of two brands for March is gonna be cheap. Since I won't have to buy cigs again period til late June at the "earliest." But when we get to the summer, and Congress takes away my right to buy cigs online period, I still meant it when I said "I ain't paying a MFkin 70-100 bucks for just one Newport carton offline!" That would be at least 210 bucks spent offline for 3 Newport cartons per month if I went to Indiana. And sh!t, even with the scheduled tax increase, a Newport carton would still be cheapa online. 50 bucks for Newports online is gonna be the "new cheap price" for buying em ANYWHERE, and I don't want Congress telling me where I can spend my money for cigs at! Especially when I take into account the best cig brands are all-natural and cheap cigs that ain't available offline anywhere. :(

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