Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tobacco companies shouldn't have to pay for someone's decision to smoke

This antismoking logic of "Since the tobacco companies lied for so many years, they must pay!" is bogus. I even read a woman on Topix told her hubby to keep on smoking instead of quit. Cause she thinks she'll be a millionaire when her hubby dies from smoking. O my Fkin God at antismokers' brains!

If a wife thinks she can be a millionaire just by having her hubby die naturally, she would have to prove smoking was the direct cause of his death. Last time I checked, smoking has NEVA been the direct cause of any smoker's death (or any nonsmoker's death).

I know if I was that smoking hubby and I had a wife who can't wait for smoking to kill me so she can sue the tobacco companies and cash in with millions of bucks, I'd probably divorce her greedy arse. Or tell her "Honey, you betta off robbing a bank if you need millions of bucks. Since I'm a smoker and you not, I might actually live a lot longa than you."

Tobacco companies shouldn't be forced to pay a widow(er) millions of bucks only cause their marital partner died as a smoker....and then the widow(er) wants to blame smoking for the death.

I'm glad I ain't in that hubby's shoes. I can't live with a woman who's supposed to be my wife and yet she's looking forward to smoking causing me to die. Well, there's no guarantee smoking causes the death of ANY smoker directly. For her sake, I hope he does die naturally and not in otha ways like falling off of a cliff accidentally.

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