Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts on SCHIP and Obama

Someone online said Obama signed that SCHIP-related bill cause the nation needs money. No sh!t on the nation needing money. But unless alcoholics and fast food lovers had to pay more of their own taxes through SCHIP, depending on smokers to give this nation more money is BS. It's also discriminatory to target a group of smokers.

If the nation needs money, maybe Obama oughta rob a 7-11 if he wants to show his side of being a bro from an urban area. Joking aside, he shouldn't be asking me as a smoker to give the nation money via tobacco taxes. I need money myself, d@mmit! Why the he!! does this guy think most of the people in my community are poor to begin with??

This online person also said Obama promised to neva raise taxes on money earned for families with $250k or less. According to him, Obama neva said he wouldn't raise taxes period. Well, I thought Obama promised not raising any taxes while he ran for President. And even if he actually said in 2008 he would "only" not raise taxes on money earned, raising taxes on a legal product is a nice way to make up for no raise on taxes from earned money.

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