Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A thought

This is supposed to be Black History Month. But I can't think of any famous Black smokers outside of those that play(ed) sports and smoke cigars. I think MJ is the most well-known brotha that's assosciated with Chicago, and Obama is in a VERY distant second place to me. I'd ratha put Harold Washington in front of Obama on my list. But as far as I know, Harold was neva even a closet smoker unlike Mr. President.

The best fellow Black person I ever met who actually supports smokers rights is Ralph...I think that's his name. I forgot the name of the org he's assosciated with. (I do know this org is located in Chicago, and Garnet was connnected to this org herself, since I was invited to attend an event they had in Oct. 2006)

But I rememba seeing Ralph speak at the offline group meetings we used to have. It seemed like a lotta smokers at those meetings loved hearing him talk about smoking issues. I actually rememba him telling me he spoke to Obama once, and Obama smoked a cig while the two of em talked. I don't recall seeing Ralph himself smoke. But he's a very strong supporter of smokers' freedoms.

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