Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Union Address comments (OT)

I noticed during the State of the Union Address, everybody gave Obama a standing ovation when he bought up this new law that's only a few days old as he put it, and how this law will help kids. He had to be referrring to SCHIP indirectly.

I would've booed at that law if I was in the audience. But that's just me. Since that law is the same one that makes up for all of these freakin tax cuts Obama promised that poor people will see in their paychecks. At least those poor people who are still working at all.

I know one group of people that actually deserve bonuses and huge tax cuts. That would be ALL workers who smoke. Not just the blacks and W trash folks with jobs.

I know the only otha time I saw a State of Union Address was when Clinton spoke in 1997, during his second term. I certainly don't rememba seeing everyone stand up and applaud Clinton afta every time he brought up a new topic during a speech. They gave him an applause only before he spoke and afta his (Clinton's) speech was over.

Seeing those folks applaud Obama afta every time he says a full sentence only proves my words right when I called him the MJ of politics. Sh!t, just seeing Obama come out and spend a long time shaking hands (while several folks just simply tried to touch him) before he actually got up in front of the audience is a lot similar to when fans used to take pics and do everythang they could to just touch MJ as he came out with the Bulls team even during road games.

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