Friday, February 27, 2009

Smoking at any point in your life can help you live longa

I think there's some truth to smokers having longa lives than nonsmokers, and I even think smoking at any point in your life can extend your lifetime to some extent as well.

I'll use Norm Van Lier and Johnny "Red" Kerr as examples, two guys who were both related with the Bulls, and both of them passed away yesterday. Johnny lived for about 15 more years than Norm.

As far as I know, Norm neva smoked in his whole life. I met that bro 10 years ago, and he used to be anti towards smoking. He even yelled when I told him the price for a pack of cigs at that time.

Johnny smoked cigars during his days as a Bulls head coach. I even saw a pic of him on TV last nite with a small cigar in his mouth. He looked like he was actually smoking it inside of an arena during a basketball game.

My theory is Johnny lived longa than Norm cause Johnny's former days as a smoker helped him live longa than Norm.

I'm sure extreme racists will say "Norm didn't even live for 65 years cause he's a black guy" but that's all BS to me. My granny was black herself, and she used to smoke for 45 years, and she died at the age of 86. So she actually outlived both of those men despite her being a "black lady." I bet smoking menthols actually helped her live a lot more longa than usual. She used to smoke Salems I recall.

The fact Norm was a nonsmoker and died at 61 shows right there that nonsmokers don't always live long lives. He even died at an age younga than the average age a human dies.

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