Monday, February 23, 2009

Smokers need a leader who's similar to Martin Luther King

Getting smokers to write to their legislators or any otha politicians is just about as tough as the idea of setting up committees (as Garnet tried to do a few years ago). A lotta smokers don't mind venting their fustrations online as well as offline (on the govt and tobacco issues). But a lotta of em are too lazy to actually get off of their arses and do somethang about it.

It is unfortunate that there is nobody in the world of smoking activists who can be an offline leader as well...kinda like a smokers' version of a Martin Luther King person. Cause I bet if older generations of my race acted similar to smokers where they vented their fustrations on 2nd class treatment from W's but they didnt do anythang to fight back, then there's a good bet harassing me for racial reasons would've been normal even today.

But no, blacks in those days weren't lazy, and they actually got up and did somethang about it, thanks to people like MLK who was like one of the black leaders within the USA in those days.

Most smokers in modern times are lazy cause they don't have that MLK-like leader, and a lotta em actually believe antismoking lies. That's anotha difference between the two groups (albeit from two different eras as well). When antis say lies about smokers, a lot of smokers accept those lies as the truth. When people used to say tons of negative thangs about blacks, the blacks didn't accept the negativity as the absolute truth. Unlike smokers, mills of blacks actually challenged the negativity towards us, and mills of them even fought in a literal sense thanks to a leader like MLK.

Since smokers don't have a nationwide leader, the idea of seeing even a million SMOKERS march in DC is a dream at this point. Let alone the idea of seeing mills of smokers sending lettas in the mail to Obama.

I do think some online smoking activists have some leadership qualities. Like Lynda, Gary, and Mike.

PS: When I made my point of "If smokers had a MLK-like leader, you probably WOULD see mills of nationwide smokers taking action against antis" I actually didn't mean to imply that leader must be a bro (or a sis). As long as that person has a personality, goals, and qualities that are similar to MLK (but this person focuses on smokers nationwide instead of "us"), I could care less how that leader for smokers looks. Provided the person ain't ugly-looking.

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Beautiful post, Jay. *applause!* I can't disagree with your post one bit. Not to mention, if there was a better way to fight back against the misinformation that anti-smoking groups trick the public into believing(via a well organized national smoking rights group that would serve as an umbrella to help organize/start up groups in states that don't already have organized groups), that a great number of non-smokers would turn against the agenda of such anti groups.

And yes, my ideal national umbrella group would even help organize smokers in states that've traditionally been unfriendly to smokers, such as California, New York, Washington, and Maine. Though I'd consider states like Illinois and Michigan(albeit that it doesn't have a state smoking ban, but high tobacco taxes) are up there, too.

Geesh, I need to start my own smoking rights blog one of these days....