Friday, February 20, 2009

OT Thought

I saw this racist cartoon published in the NY Post for myself afta I heard about it on the Blackplanet site. In connection with smokers, I hope I don't start seeing so-called political cartoons in the future where cops are inside a tavern and they waste a person for smoking in the tavern...that would be a lot similar to the controversial cartoon I saw where the cops simply murdered the colored individual (within the cartoon), and the cops had no sympathies for what they did.

I rememba seeing a political cartoon with a smoke-free tavern in it. And I think only 3 people were inside of that entire tavern. At least that cartoon with the smoke-free tavern shows the truth behind smoking bans. It would be so quiet in a smoke-free tavern, you could hear a pin drop.

But I hope future cartoons won't go as far as having smokers harassed or murdered within the cartoons. If goodie kids see that, that would teach em it's OK to get violent with ANYONE who smokes. And that's the wrong message.

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