Friday, February 27, 2009

Obama is still smoking

Seems like whereva Obama goes, everybody gives him a standing ovation. He was at the game tonight between the Bulls/Washington Wizards in DC. And as soon as he stepped foot into the arena, every single person in that arena gave him a round of applause, including the playas of both teams on the court. As a matta of fact, the tipoff was delayed for Mr. Closet Smoking President.

I know he's the President. But I rememba Regan visiting Wrigley Field during a Cub game years ago. When everyone knew that former President was in the ballpark, the umps didn't yell "STOP THE GAME!" so the fans, and playas from both teams could applaud for a few mins. The only fans that clapped and waived at Ronald period were the fans surrounding the area of the Cub broadcast booth that he was trying to enter.

I did hear Obama is still smoking, and his wife is still pressuring him to quit. I don't understand why a black smoker would sign a SCHIP bill that affects his own habit too. Or maybe he actually gets free non-FSC Marlboro cartons on PM's behalf. LOL

(I might as well think of him as a fellow black smoker. I just wish I could see pics of him sneaking cigs.)

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