Sunday, February 22, 2009

No big deal to smoke outside? Gimme a break!

"Antismokers want you to believe it's no big deal for smokers to step outside, and they'll get used to it."

Oh, I'm used to it. I'm SOOOO used to it, I gotta find the perfect place to smoke outside without easily being seen by the public. And if the opportunity is there to sneak a smoke inside without getting caught (like on my job), I will smoke inside instead.

Antis are right. I'm one smoker who's used to a smoking ban by now. But it sucks I gotta smoke in the same fashion as someone hiding from cops afta a robbery or murder. If smoking bans weren't around, I'd love smoking freely in public again.

No big deal for smokers to step outside? Well if antis wanna know my honest feelings on that lie, you can just replace "smokers" with whateva word they wanna use to describe my race, and I'd flip if someone told me to step outside as a bro. My reaction would be no different if I was told to take my smoking outside.

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