Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mike M. Comment

To Michael J. McFadden
wrote on Feb 5, 2009 7:56 AM:

" Nice try, but calling an argument "silly" or attempting to give a
chemical and statistical breakdown of swimming pools vs. restaurants
that allow smoking doesn't defeat that argument in this case.

Regardless of how often the water or air is turned around in
restaurants and swimming pools, your position has one fatal flaw people
actually go to restaurants and can smell the smoke coming from the
smoking section. Telling them how often the air is filtered isn't going
to convince them to deny what their own senses pick up.
............ ..
Her argument also has a fatal flaw.
She seems to be stupid enough to be able to not know or believe that
people(especially kids) do pee in public swimming pools.

When she takes her grandkids to a public pool,they are playing around
in what may be several weeks worth of ther peoples pee.

That is like letting them play in a toilet that has not been flushed
for days.

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