Monday, February 9, 2009

The media forgot to ask Obama one important Q

I watched Obama's prime time news conference, the first time I've seen this guy speak on TV since November and last month.

The media asked him a lotta Q's about the economy. He even raised his voice at times (while trying to explain his plans and ideas to save the economy) in bro-like fashion minus the vulgarity of course. (When Obama raised his voice at all, that's the only time he actually talked like a bro to me).

But I'm surprised nobody asked Obama this Q tonight.

"Thank you, Mr. President. As bad as the economy is, why do you think it's appropriate to sign the SCHIP bill, which in turn forces ALL tobacco smokers, not just cig smokers, to give their money to the kids? Rememba, Pres. Obama. You promised you would not raise ANY taxes as long as you run this country. I guess that makes you a liar just like most of us Blacks, am I right?"

That sounds like fair Q's for him, and the SCHIP even ties into the economy problems he talked about. Since more and more smokers will be quitting once the tobacco tax increase goes into effect, that means less money for tobacco companies and politicians.

I guess eitha the media and the President himself could care less about SCHIP, or the media don't wanna make him look like he pulled a lie on all Americans.

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