Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lorillard raised their cig prices too

I just heard Lorillard is anotha BT company that raised their prices up....10 cents per pack and 1 buck more for a Newport carton.

Thank goodness I got a new taste for smoking regular cigs thanks to cheapa cig brands! Those brands are still gonna be cheapa to smoke even when the fed tax increase goes into effect.

But welcome to the black market age for cigs. Since the #1 menthol is going up in price before the April price increase, I hope those convience stores install some very good security systems, and they betta hide some guns somewhere for self-protection purposes.

If the greedy politicians actually like the idea of more cig-related robberies, then this nation is screwed up. Raising prices will not make ALL smokers quit.

One sista told me "If I found a Newport carton on a bench outside d@#n! That's like hitting a jackpot! And I WILL fight for it. I have beaten someone up over Newports before, and I ain't afraid to do it again the next time I find an unopened pack of Newports."

If an anti thinks it's funny smokers will fight over a pack of cigs found in the streets, welcome to reality. That shows there are some smokers out here will do ANYTHANG to get cigs.

But if someone around here is willing to beat someone up over an unopened pack of Newports, then imagine what's gonna happen in more convience stores throughout the nation. And I'm sure cig-related heists won't be limited to within our community eitha.

And if politicians actually like the idea of cartons being stolen, then they're just about as bad as the actual robbers. If politicians want peace in the US, raising tobacco taxes won't cause peace for places that sell cigs, I guarantee you that!

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