Sunday, February 1, 2009

My thoughts on Kick Cigarettes, and small news in smoking cyberspace

Kick cigarettes is a brand that tastes like a premium brand at an affordable price. I tried the Kick FF's and the Kick Lights. I wouldn't know which Big Tobacco brands both of these brands come close to tasting like. Although Kick FF tastes a lil bit like a non-FSC Winston.

Kick Lights taste plesant to me. They feel like a premium regular light although they don't have the Marlboro Light taste. I wouldn't even compare these to the taste of Winston Lights, anotha regular light Big Tobacco brand I smoked for a while in the past. But Kick Lights have a unique taste that's good enough for me since I find it easy to chainsmoke at least 5 of these in a row. And yes, I taste actual smoke instead of fresh air when I smoke Kick Lights.

I already have a link to this brand on my blog on how you can buy Kick cigarette cartons online. But here's anotha link if you don't wanna search down a long list of links. This brand can be bought online at the Oklahoma Outlet Smoke Shop.

Interested in trying Kick cigarettes? CLICK THIS LINK.

Also, has re-launched and the site and forum both have a totally new look on there.

I might break up that long list of blog links on here into different categories in the near future, now that I can upload text documents on my blog and publish them as webpages that anyone can view on the net. I'm sure I can upload images and publish them as public webpages, but I gotta learn the uploading feature on here.

If anyone's interested in looking into how to add a link to my blog, just leave a comment on here. While comments are still moderated even for anon comments, I can still read the moderated comments myself of course.

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