Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've adjusted to smoke-free places. BUT...

...that doesn't mean I accept the fact even restaurants and taverns are smoke-free. I miss the days of when I could've been smoking while waiting for my meal. I definitely miss the days of smoking a cig afta eating at McDs and before leaving the joint.

I'm used to not seeing people smoke inside of those places. But I still hate it, and as long as those places remain smoke-free, I always will hate it. That's why I'm not interested in stepping foot into an IL tavern ever. If I knew the addresses of these Chicago taverns where off-duty cops smoke at, I wouldn't mind visiting one of those this summer.

Antis said it takes time to adjust to a smoking ban. Well, I'm adjusted to the fact no place is smoker-friendly within my town. But I still hate the fact that I gotta take it outside if I'm told to.

At least with spring around the corner, it's gonna actually feel more comfy smoking outside at all soon. I still believe smoking was meant for indoors. I'm sure tobacco products (including cigars and pipes) wouldn't exist at all if the companies imagined people smoking outdoors only.

Oh yeah, there are 2 places where you can't smoke outside this summer. The beaches and parks. Oh well....

(Actually, you can't smoke in the ballparks eitha. But Cub fans AND workers still smoked in the men restrooms. I wanna see how the Cubs plan to fight back against people sneaking smokes in the restrooms this year.)

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dumpstermcnuggets said...

Actually, it's just Chicago beaches and playgrounds that were covered under the October 2007 smoking ban the park district passed, NOT all outdoor areas of parks.

While I'm at it, the beach ban is a major failure, from my experiences of walking near beaches. (and how more often than I expected, have witnessed people disobeying it)