Friday, February 6, 2009

How did discrimination against smokers start?

I think it all started with a group of people who can't stand smelling smoke from innocent Americans' cigs. Eitha the ACS or the ALA has been totally against smoking dating back to the 60s when smoking was socially acceptable.

I also read the topic of making cigs fire-safes came up was early as 1972. But BT back then thought fire-safes would hurt their sales, and they didn't know how to make fire-safes back then as well.

I guess BT in the 21st century gave into political pressure from antismokers.

The FSC topic is making more smokers realize that America is the land of the nannies now. And the politicians are not only trying to make smokers die sooner with the FSCs. They're trying to make all smokers look like criminals.

I don't think this discrimination against smokers is a case of someone telling me "First it was you guys. Now, the govt is switching their attention to smokers. Once they're done with getting rid of smokers, they'll switch to a new group of people."

Well, like I said, discrimination against smokers dated back to the 60's albeit the antismoking level was low back then across the nation. If the govt stopped focusing on me as a person, then I dunno why people keep saying negative thangs about "us." Attention will be given to smokers forever, in the same way negative attention towards my race will neva end.

(Oh, I have one idea on why people keep saying negative thangs about "us." I can understand doing what the F it takes to make it out here. But the way those bros and sis try living out here, a lotta em do it in stupid fashion. At least an innocent smoker is a "smart criminal" compared to several real criminals out here)

PS: I guess Obama IS a liar since he's gonna raise taxes. But I'm sure a lotta new Presidents in the past were liars too.

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