Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hawaii might ban "purse-pack" cigs


I've seen a "purse-pack" of Va Slims cigs before. They're like a super slim version of the Virginia Slims brand, and the pack is designed to fit perfectly in a chick's purse. Hawaii wants to ban these purse pack cigs cause the antis over there think the pack is meant to attract teen girls to smoking.

The pack I saw from my mother, BTW, was pink-colored too.

I dunno how banning purse packs is gonna prevent more teen girls in Hawaii from smoking. Those young ladies can just buy a cig brand made in normal packs instead. It's also a wonder why that state just won't ban slim cigs period. Since a teen girl can still get her hands on a pack of VS 120's in the normal packs.

I agree fully with this quote from the cited article:

>>>"Our economy is tanking and tourism is down, and we're worried about thin cigarettes? Give me a break," Crowley said.

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