Saturday, February 28, 2009

Having pink as a pack color will make girls smoke...LOL!!!

This antismoker in a YouTube clip talking about the history of cig ads has to be funny as heck. Since I'm posting this in my blog, I might as well leave a:


This guy claims tobacco companies have always targeted kids in their ads in the past and present. Seeing baby pics in those very old Marlboro ads looked interesting. But hearing him say a girl will be motivated to smoke afta seeing a Camel No. 9 pack made me laugh to myself.

He said 12-22 is the age range for most new smokers. Well, if I show a Camel No. 9 pack to a 13 year-old sista, I'll be shocked myself if she tries a Camel just cause the pack has pink on it. Maybe a teen girl on the north side of the city who's already a smoker might try Camel No. 9's. But a teen girl around me might say "No thanks. I want a NEWPORT. Not some Fked up Camels!"

I don't ever think I saw a teen bro or teen sis smoke a regular cig in my life. I've seen teens smoke Marlboros before in my lifetime. But those teen smokers were outside of my race as well.

A teen girl isn't gonna try smoking afta seeing a Camel pack with the pink color...that's hilarious! Especially if we talking about smoking within my community! If a teen tries smoking at all, that teen is gonna smoke what his/her friends, peers, and parents smoke.

(If cig ads really DO target kids, it's a wonder why you hardly see kids at all in cig ads from the 70s through the 90s.)

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