Sunday, February 15, 2009

For smokers interested in buying cigs online

A smoker keeping a low profile when buying cigs online is a lil funny, since I ain't new to keeping "low profiles" offline. Smokers can't let the govt trace their tobacco online orders in the same way I keep my identity hidden from certain people while out in public, cops included.

But with the upcoming tax increase on cigs, and since buying cigs online is the best way to go as of April to save money...smokers keeping low profiles online is sadly the truth.

I hope when more smokers DO get into the habit of buying cigs online, they:

1) Avoid shopping at a smoke shop where the reps sound like a bunch of liars. Trust me, I actually started buying cigs online 10 years ago at esmokes...a shop most online smokers heard of....and they ended up being phat liars to me. Some smoke shops may say "We don't report orders" but unless they specifically say this on their site, there's no tellin if they not actually playing with you.

2) Avoid shops that offer referral commissions. Where you earn credits on future orders if you refer a smoker to the shop. These shops sound suspicious to me. Smart had a ref program I heard of (and so did esmokes). And Smart Smoker actually reports orders...they say so on their site.

3) Do not buy cigs from overseas-based smoke shops. I heard of smokers getting their orders seized from overseas shops. And some have said before while Marlboros are cheapa at these shops, European Marlboros don't taste the same as USA Marlboros.

4) Avoid smoke shops that tell you to send a copy of your govt ID by snail mail. I can understand showing my ID as a new customer. But sending it by snail mail is dangerous. Most shops allow you to scan your ID and send the copy by email.

5) If there's a smoke shop online that allows credit cards as a payment option, DO NOT BUY CRAP FROM THAT SHOP! Credit card purchases are the EASIEST way for the govt to track your orders down without actually contacting (or suing) the shop first.

No matta where you shop online, I'd try some of the cheapa cig brands (including Native brands) if I was you. You might be surprised on how good a lot of these cheap brands taste. And besides, the BT brands are gonna be just as expensive online as they are offline when April comes.

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