Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did you know Obama neva read what SCHIP is about?

Here's a brief comment to go along with the SCHIP topic. I heard that when Obama signed the bill, he didn't even botha to read it first. He just grabbed a pen, signed his name, and that's it.

I dunno how true that rumor is on him not even reading the SCHIP bill before signing it. But if true, at least he exposed a lil quality of trying to be like one of us. A lotta bros and sistas sign thangs without reading the papers first, including myself.

Unless it's a contract-like agreement or a list of rules I have to follow, I don't see the point of reading somethang that ain't important. I just sign it and move on with my life. Besides, most of the time, the text is too darn small to read on most "agreements/ rules" to begin with.

But this SCHIP bill is somethang I would've read first if I was in his shoes. And I bet the text was big enough to read on the bill.

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