Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WI state ban would be fair to all businesses

Here's a WI based letta I found online on that state's smoking ban talk.


I dunno how a statewide smoking ban is fair to all WI businesses. WI smokers will MOVE OUTTA state and maybe move to Missouri since that's the only midwest state without a statewide smoking ban. Indiana is actually anotha smoker-friendly state in this region...although there are LOCAL smoking bans in Indiana.

WI smokers can't go to MN or my home state in order to enjoy smokes with their drinks....these two states have statewide smoking bans already. So my best advice is to encourage the politicians in WI to not go for a statewide smoking ban since you believe you have the right to enjoy your smokes in public places, and the owners have a right to make money with your (smokers') help as patrons of their businesses.

I wonder what a WI politician would say if 1000s of smokers up there threatened to move to Missouri if a WI smoking ban DOES pass.

(WI smokers might move to Missouri anyway since that state still has non-FSCs)

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