Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is one reason why banning smoking on coll. campuses is bad

This article from Alabama reflects on anotha problem with smoking bans, at least when a college voluntarily bans smoking on their campus.


Here are two quotes from that article that caught my attention.

"Aside from smoking, neighbors say students park on the street for easy access to campus, loiter, litter, abuse drugs and participate in sexual activity on or near their property."

This sounds a LOT similar to how life is for me within the Chicago streets. And these bad activities happen in a lotta areas of my city including in downtown alleys. If Black smokers engaging in sex near a college campus happened near me, that would be on the newsreel I bet once they're arrested. hee hee

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the students at that college in Montgomery are bros and sistas, since "we" represent the majority of that city's population as well.

"In response to residents' complaints about litter, the college placed a trash can and smoking post-style ashtray on the neighborhood side of the fence. Residents said this did little or nothing to stem the problem."

I'm sure it won't do anythang to stem the problem. Not when you have smokers coming over from a college and do a lotta law-breaking that goes beyond smoking and littering with butts. Maybe if that college allowed smoking on the campus, then those smokers wouldn't be turning that street into a hood-like street to walk around in for those residents who actually live on the street.

I sure am sorry there are smokers in this nation who make the goodie smokers look bad nationwide. But in a town with mostly "us" living in it, I'm not surprised at hearing of those college smokers' behavior.

They should be smoking on the campus so those residents can live in peace, and take the weed, drugs and public sex somewhere else....I can say that in the residents' defense.

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