Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Smoking bans help decrease heart attacks?

CLICK THIS for a news brief on this topic.

Smoking bans
can't make heart attacks drop in numbas. That implies a nonsmoker can get a heart attack from inhaling SHS outdoors, and I just don't believe that.

Maybe heart attacks have dropped cause some people are now eating healthier. I bet eating too much fast food can increase the nonsmoker's chances of getting a heart attack.

As an urban person, I can think of a few thangs that can make up for that decrease in heart attacks. Can a smoking ban prevent fewer drunk drivers from killing pedestrians? Can a smoking ban protect a smoking chick not just from the cold but from a person approaching her, while he has his face hidden from her?

Oh yea, don't forget about the FSC cigs I heard about. A smoking ban can't stop ashes from falling off while a smoker is driving a car. An increase in traffic accidents thanks to people smoking FSCs while driving will make up for that decrease in heart attacks.

I dunno how this research on smoking bans is done. But it ain't research I trust.

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