Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Smoking ban: 1 Year Lata (Trib)

Seems like a lotta IL newspaperrs are publishing their own 1st smoking ban anniversary articles. Here's one from the Trib...one IL newspaper I neva heard a smoking activist say good thangs about.


Article quote:

"I can't quite believe that I can't enjoy a cigarette with my beer. . . . It just seems un-American. "

A smoking chick from the article said the cited quote, and I agree with her. A cig goes hand in hand with a beer, but the idea of forcing you outside to smoke that cig will always be discriminatory to me. And what really flips me is discrimination towards smokers is STILL portrayed as perfectly normal. I guess while it's illegal for someone to torture me based on my race, there's no law in America that says it's wrong to torture smokers or obese folks. But there NEEDS to be a law to protect smokers and the obese.

Forcing smokers outside in the cold without giving a F about the smokers' safety is indirect "torture" to me. Just like someone pushing me out of a place without giving a F on my own safety.

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