Saturday, January 3, 2009

Smokers don't have to put up with smoking bans and FSCs

Comment from the Repeal FSC cigs petition:

"Its bad enough we smokers have to put up with "NO SMOKING LAWS" now we have to put up with bad taste and poison in our cigarettes"

Who said smokers gotta put up with no smoking laws? If more smokers knew they could challenge and fight smoking laws (even ignoring the no smoking laws can help), then you wouldn't have to put up with the dumb laws to begin with. More smokers need to learn to challenge smoking laws and to fight back against em. If more smokers chalenged and ignored smoking laws, the bans would be a thang of the past.

I don't have to put up with bad taste and poison in my cigs. Newports actually DID taste like sh!t when they first became FSCs early this year. But now, they taste more like a normal Newport despite them still being FSCs.

I recall Marlboros going out on me and I had to re-light em. But that neva happened to my Newports. The only time Newports went out on me at all as I smoked is if I smoked outside in the wind. Those FSC Marlboros I smoked were from NY that I got in 2004.

But cherries (the lit cig ends) falling off of my cigs as I smoke inside, forcing me to re-light my cigs? Neva happens with me wheneva I smoke a Newport, and it definitely doesn't happen to the Native cigs I smoke.

For the record, I'm still smoking Black Hawks and Senecas the most. My experiment ended with not smoking a single Newport. I'll smoke a Newport now and then (particularly outside) with my favorite Native brands. But I'm actually smoking less than half of a pack per day now. That's likely a sign of my body being used to Natives.

My body must be used to Natives. Cause sometimes, I can't smoke a whole Newport cig inside. I can think of a brand called Black Hawk menthols that taste like Newports and mintier than Newports. And best of all, Black Hawk menthols don't make my body feel uncomfy.

I still smoke Newports from time to time since that's the brand that defines me as an urban smoker. And I've had good luck in talking to more smokers in the streets with the help of Newports.

But at least I'm smoking non-chemical cigs more now. And it seems like that "addiction feeling" is gone in me too. Cause even afta I smoke a few Newports while outta the crib, once I come in, I'd ratha smoke a Seneca or a Black Hawk 2-3 hrs lata instead of a Newport.

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Jason T said...

I ain't gonna botha editing that typo. I'm smoking less than A PACK per day now....not half of a pack.

Less than a pack per day is still a cutdown for me since I used to smoke 30 Newports (at least) per day. SO there IS truth to smoking Native American cigs can help a smoker cut down. .

That's cause since the cigs are chemical-free, the smoker of Natives ain't smoking cause he/she "needs" to. He/she is smoking to enjoy the smoking hobby.

There's a difference between smoking when I "need" to, and smoking cause I actually enjoy it. I still enjoy the Newport taste though, albeit I'm smoking a lot less of that brand per day now.

I don't miss smoking Newports cause I "need to" though.