Friday, January 9, 2009

Say no to unfair fed tax increases on tobacco products

Here's an email I received about the topic of ShI...I mean SCHIP being brought up again. Bush not approving of raising fed taxes on tobacco products is the only good thang that boy did at all in his 8-year tenure.

Now that Obama will be President in a few days, the antis are confident he will approve this SCHIP plan, since he's more of an anti than a true smoker.

Some online smokers think Obama will be on the smokers' side since he smokes too. Sure, this guy may sneak smokes behind his own family's back. But he ain't a true smoker. He sounds more like the type of smoker I used to in "I need a GD cig RIGHT NOW, sh!t!"

He certainly doesn't support smokers rights. And he definitely ain't no urban smoker. I neva saw him raise his voice and let a few urban words outta his mouth (when asked about his smoking). That's the part of his personality that doesn't make him a bro who used to live in Chicago. Cause if someone asked me personal Qs like that, I wouldn't be afraid to be honest on TV.

At least I met one sista who confessed herself he ain't all bro...but she still supports him a lot.

So I guess smokers need to do exactly what the subject title says in order to convince the new President to not support SCHIP and raise fed tobacco taxes.

Good luck. Cause unlike Bush, this President is more of an anti than him. And don't be fooled by Obama being a secret smoker. Even I'm more closer to being a real smoker than him.

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Say NO to Tobacco Tax Increases


Once again Congress is talking about raising federal cigarette taxes. Last year Congress tried for a $6.10 a carton increase to fund a multi-billion dollar expansion of the SCHIP Health Program. This year it could be more!

Your action is needed today!

But as smokers know, cigarettes are already one of the most highly taxed products in the country today. In fact, since the year 2000, state and federal cigarette excise taxes have been increased over 92 times-driving up the average price of cigarettes 109%.

In the midst of a recession, Americans are forced to make tough choices on spending every day. Congress should be no different and raising taxes is not the answer. It doesn’t make sense for Congress to consider a multi-billion economic stimulus package to create jobs and at the same time pass a tax increase that will result in lost jobs.

We strongly encourage you to express your opposition to your federal elected officials.

Please take moment to Take Action by visiting
to send an e-mail to your legislators or by calling (866) 527-4494 to get patched directly to your legislator’s office.

Thank you for your support! Making your voice heard in Washington can make a difference!

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