Thursday, January 8, 2009

Normal kids will be reluctant to smoke thanks to FSCs

FSCs might encourage more kids to neva start smoking afta all. A normal kid aint gonna botha smoking if that kid sees mommy coughing out blood as she smokes, and tje kid sees her hair get burned while trying to re-light her cig as many as 4 times.

Yeah, I can see a normal kid being turned off by smoking FSCs when he/she sees mom and dad get peed off while smoking em.

I can't see fewer urban kids becoming smokers though. Cause the negativity I heard on FSCs are based on Marlboro brands, and nearly every otha brand made by PM and RJR, Most urban kids aint interested in smoking those cigs. The brand they want may be FSC. But it also doesn't cause the same effects a Marlboro smoker would get while trying to smoke.

Seems like nobody in this town seems to care if Newports are FSCs. A lotta people still smoke em (including underage folks) as if that brand was a non-FSC brand in Illinois.

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