Friday, January 9, 2009

My props for Lynda, the same one with the Liberty Van

I use Lynda as a good example of how all smokers should fight back against smoking bans on THIS FORUM. (that IS a link in bold which works)

I don't mention any names in the post. But she's a good role model for those smokers who don't understand why not spending your money period in a smoke-free state is a good idea.

Kinda similar to me visiting the south, and a manager asks me to relinquish my seat for a W chick when I'm in the middle of eating the meal I paid for. I'd make sure I NEVA visit that restaurant/tavern again, even if smoking is allowed in there.

Of course one difference between a smoking ban and my analogy is smokers already know if a place is a smoke-free town before they step foot into the town. I couldn't tell beforehand which restaurants in the south have racist owners toward a patron like me. That GA restaurant/tavern owner I read about (the one who actually kicked this bro out for refusing to give up his seat for the W chick) actually denied "We ain't racist towards our customers" in antismoking fashion. He sounded all nice and innocent like an antismoker in his words.

(I know that bro sued the GA owner's @$$. I haven't heard anythang new on the case, but I hope he won on behalf of my community.)

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