Saturday, January 31, 2009

Maybe Phillip Morris supports the fed tobacco tax increase

I know a lotta online nonsmokers refuse to believe smoking bans played a role in the downfall of the economy. One anti said I'm right about smoking bans affecting the LOCAL economy...the hole even said "There's no Q about that"

But he thinks it's a minor issue when we look at the national ecomony pic.

Last time I checked, if busineses throughout the nation are closing down cause of smoking bans (and I brought up that list of closed businesses due to smoking bans in the US AND Canada), that has an effect on the national economy. Not just the local economy.

And it's obvious this bad news on the increase of fed tobacco taxes and the SCHIP topic ain't gonna make the national economy betta. It will make it worse.

The govt is spending too much time focusing on one group of Americans (smokers), and I think SOLVING the nation's economy problems is a MUCH BIGGA issue than trying to put smokers in the poor house by making every tobacco product as expensive as he!!.

I agree with someone on smokinglobby who hinted PM is playing a role in encouraging politicians to vote YES on the fed tobacco tax incresse. PM doesn't want their Marlboro smokers to switch to smoking cheap RYOs/MYOs (or Native brands for that matta). PM wants to make loose tobacco VERY expensive so those smokers will have no choice but to smoke the sh!++y FSC Marlboros (and otha PM-made brands too).

If PM thinks a Marlboro smoker is gonna have second thoughts about switching to making his/her own cigs, that smoker might actually just quit or look into growing his/her own tobacco. Those PM mothas would STILL lose lots of money if their smokers decided to quit than switch.

I don't like the idea of people quitting smoking based on this bad news from DC. You shouldn't let the govt tell you how to live. But at least the idea of EVERY Big Tobacco smoker quitting or switching to alternatives to getting/making cigs would send a message to PM as well as the politicians.

Hey how about that? My first in-depth post without a sigle indirect reference to race for making my point. The way the govt focuses on smokers without focusing on the REAL issues in America is actually worse than the amount of negative attention "we" get day afta day.


Kendra said...

No link here, sorry - I think I saw it on Siegel's blog. That prohibition was a huge factor in the depression of the 30s.

Isn't this also the bill that prohibits all flavorings except menthol?

Jason T said...

I think those are two seperate bills. Congress wants to ban all flavored cigs. However, antis want the ban to include menthols.

I rememba seeing a "campaign" on the Newport site encouraging Newport smokers to email their Congressmen and convince those politicians to not include menthols in the cig flava ban. I even recall getting an email from Lorillard last year on the same menthol ban topic.

A menthol ban would hurt Lorillard big time, since they're the makers of America's #1 menthol brand of Newportt.

Kendra said...

OK, the way I understand it from Siegel's blog is that the bill that would ban flavorings, except for Menthol, was hammered out with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and Philip Morris - Philip Morris apparently has a very popular menthol brand too. So that makes 2 bills where Philip Morris is the major player, in cahoots with CTFK.

Do you read Siegel?

Jason T said...

I heard of Dr. Siegel's blog, and I likely seen it before. Maybe I should add a link afta I visit his blog again. I gotta see the nature of his blog first.

Jason T said...

I found Dr. Siegel's blog. Is this the correct address?

dumpstermcnuggets said...

As I'm aware, the bill that was just voted on and passed earlier by Congress, and just days ago by the Senate, was a bill to reauthorize SCHIP for several more years, via a federal tobacco tax increase. This is of course, the same bill that former President Bush vetoed less than 2 years ago.

The bill that will ban tobacco flavorings of any kind(except for menthol) is a separate bill that would give the Food and Drug Administration power to regulate tobacco, and not related to the SCHIP bill that just reached Obama's desk. That bill has not come up for a vote in either Congress or the Senate yet this year. However, it passed in Congress last year, but didn't get a vote in the Senate.

I'm not sure of the exact name of either bill, but I hope my post helps resolve the confusion that yourself and Kendra had on both issues being debated by Congress.


Jason T said...

Yeah, I figured that bill related with the ban of cig flavas cept menthol was separate, thanks for the confirmation Allan (d-nuggets).

This is the post that has received the most "chat-like comments" on my blog ever. I take it that IS likely Siegel's blog I found, and I'll leave a link on my blog for it.