Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Maine wants to ban smoking at beaches


I see Maine wants to join the ranks of banning smoking at beaches. But listen to this so-called reasoning for banning smoking at a Maine beach.

"Some of my constituents called me, saying they're tired of not being able to put their kids down on the beach because they crawl along and put cigarette butts in their mouths," Nutting said.

That sounds like irresponsible parenting to me, to put it nicely. If I sit a kid down at a beach, I expect eitha me or the kid's mom to watch him. I dunno how no parent can't notice a kid "playing with butts" in the sand. That parent needs to tell the kid to DON'T MOVE!

So we should ban smoking at Maine beaches just cause parents can't watch their own kids? If a parent is too lazy to keep an eye on his/her kid at a beach, suppose someone kidnaps him without being seen? That would be a he!!uva lot worse than a kid playing with cig butts.

"Also, at some of the big beaches on the coast, people are packed in as tightly as if you were sitting in an auditorium, but you can just smoke away. … Why should you go sit on a beach if three feet away someone is smoking a cigar?"

Here's a betta Q. Why the he!! did you go out to that auditorium-like beach if you don't like smelling cigars? It's no different from the days of smokey taverns in Maine (or here in IL for that matta). If you don't like smelling cigar smoke in the tavern, keep your OWN butt at your crib. Likewise, don't go to a packed beach where you know you likely gonna smell "stinky" tobacco smoke.

So we should ban smoking at Maine beaches just to please that anti-friendly state. Whateva! It's a wonder why tobacco is still legal period in that state, based on the numba of smoking bans I heard of up there. If Maine ever bans smoking in cribs and vehicles, well sh!t, you antismoking Mainers might as well be the first state to ban tobacco sales. What's the point of selling tobacco if you ban smoking in all vehicles and all homes/apartments? There would be no otha places to smoke at in that CA-like state.

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