Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An interesting page on FSCs

According to this page I read, Big Tobacco claimed years ago that people won't botha buying cigs if the companies made em fire-safes.


Although this page is old (and long), the page comments on there ain't as old as when this page was written. I see several pages of comments on there, with page 1 dating back to just 2 months ago.

If Big Tobacco thought years ago smokers won't buy FSCs, then the companies were darn right.

If these online smokers ain't playing on their lawsuit threats against Big Tobacco, good luck is all I can say. My motto is "F suing Big Tobacco. They will still lose my money since I'm getting more into the habit of enjoying non-FSCs for a change."

I guess some smokers don't wanna quit or switch to non-FSC brands. They would ratha fight to get the old version of their favorite commercial brands back.

I guess I should be quiet about fighting to get old versions of commercial brands back, since I still smoke one of those brands myself. Well, I actually feel betta as a smoker ever since I've been smoking more of the Native cigs. That commercial brand I smoke from time to time is more like a "social brand" for me now. And I honestly don't see the same thangs that otha FSC smokers see.

Maybe a FSC Newport is made differently from Marlboros and Camels. Cause the FSC Newport even tastes more like an old Newport to me.

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