Sunday, January 25, 2009

Off-topic post...technically

I wasn't aware the first-ever blog I attempted to have back in 2004 was still up, the one that had the brown colors. I deleted it, since it was a dead blog anyway. I might consider the idea of adding a second blog in the future. It would be a smoking-related blog of course But I ain't gonna think about that right now.

Based on how busy I am online at different smoking sites, including being a regular visotor and "comment poster" at the Best Smoking Sites Blog, I might not botha creating a second blog. hee hee

In case any readers are wondering (at least those who know me from smoking fetish sites/forums), no, I am NOT the "smokefan" person who writes messages and posts images on the Best Smoking Sites blog. I HAVE, however, been in contact with that blog's author. Both of us know about the classy models at Smoking Rachel.

There's actually a pic from Rachel's site on here. That sista's name is Paris, and since that pic came from a free area of Rachel's site, it's perfectly ok for me to keep it on here.

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