Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I neva lied about smoking not being addictive

Before antis call me a liar for saying in the past "Smoking aint addictive" but I confessed in several places on the net I still smoke a few Newport cigs even with me enjoying Native brands more...I don't think I lied about smoking not being addictive.

The addiction you guys are thinking of is physical...where a person chainsmokes or smokes a lotta packs per day. I neva smoked 2 packs per day on a daily basis. But some call 1.5 Newport packs per day a lot.

I'm no longa "addicted" to my brand in that sense. If I WAS "addicted" to Newports, I dunno why I only enjoy a few of them per day instead of at least a whole pack daily. Maybe it's cause my taste for cigs has changed since switching to Natives. Although I still got a taste for the flava I started smoking wth (menthol).

I think the reason why I still smoke a few Newports per day is cause it's all psychological to me. It's sorta similar to someone buying a beer with their hot dog at a ball game even if he ain't an everyday drinker. He buys the beer to fit in with the rest of the fans at the ball game. And that's particularly why I smoke my brand while outside the most now, so I can fit in with fellow smokers. Newports will always be my brand (no matta what otha brands I like), since that cig defines me as an urban smoker.

That doesn't describe an "addiction" to me...cause I'd be smoking only Newports again afta trying Native brands for a few weeks (if it WAS an addiction).

I'm sure social smokers smoked only at smokey taverns in past years, cause they wanted to fit in with the otha smokers in there. But those social smokers could easily avoid not smoking for the rest of the week....that's anotha example of how smoking can be a psychological habit.

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