Friday, January 30, 2009

The FSC newsletter article is interesting

That article on the FSC topic has a lot of interesting quotes that deserve thoughts from a smoker of my type.

"Common sense dictates that cigarette are less likely to cause fires if they snuff themselves out, advocates say, meaning fewer deaths, injuries and property loss."

Common sense? Not to me. How do advocates explain the cherries (the lit ends on cigs) falling off of FSCs, if these cigs are meant to prevent fires? It probably IS common sense to a fascist, but fascists are not the most intelligent people in this world. Maybe advocates oughta spend money on all of these car burns, and burns on clothing and furniture I hear of from online smokers. Maybe we need bullet-safe guns, where you gotta pull the trigga 10 times before an actual shot is fired. Hunters wouldn't like those type of guns and neitha would an urban bro/sis.

What's the point of using a gun if you gotta pull the trigga several times just to let out one shot? Even if I used a gun to hunt animals instead, a bullet-safe gun would defeat the purpose of enjoying hunting. Why would a smoker (likewise) smoke more in order to get the same enjoyment of smoking, and light up a cig several times that's FSC?

"....if you believe fire-safe cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, “you might want to have your doctor check to see if you still have a brain.”

This is SO true. Nonsmokers and FSC advocates don't have brains at all.


Kendra said...

Rats, my comment got lost because I had to open a google account. Will try later... tired now. Looking forward to your blog (found out about it in Forces).

Is that you in the foto?

Jason T said...

If you mean that man in the left pic, no that ain't me. My pic is on the Smokers Club forum (within my posts on there.

My pic is also on the Blackhawk forum at

You have to click "Forums" on the shop's site. And then that Jay person on the Blackhawk forum is me, with my pic included.

I could add my pic on my Google profile, but I'll pass on that.

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