Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fires being caused by fire-safe cigs

A school in CT had a big fire started by a FSC cig in a janitor's closet. A fire in a NJ restaurant erupted (while closed) overnight due to a lit FSC cig butt that a smoker apparently thought was out. (FSCs WILL flare back up when the smoker thinks the cig is out in a tray)

I read this stuff on Topix, and it sounds like fires being causes by FSCs are already happening in the FSC states. So far, I haven't heard of a similar fire incident caused by a lit FSC cig within IL.

Keep up the good work BT and politicians who passed FSC laws. You low life mothaFkas are doing great in proving that FSCs were NEVA fire-safe to begin with. Watch and see a large increase in fires caused in homes and public buildings. Not cause of careless smoking. But cause of the FSCs smokers thought were out.

The govt doesn't believe in using guns to kill more smokers. The govt wants to use FSCs with more dangerous chemicals to kill more smokers. And the FSC's themselves WILL cause a lot more burns and more fires since these ashes fall off at any given time.

I think changing a product without notifying smokers about the change is actually worse than someone putting a gun on my cheek. But that logic of killing a group of 2nd class people is still there with smokers. I can see a politician saying "Instead of pointing a gun at smokers, let's give em fire safe cigs that will do the killing job for us. If smokers don't die from smoking, they WILL die from a fire caused by these cigs."

The govt MUST think smokers are's funny they think smokers can't tell the difference with FSCs and non-FSCs. A lotta online smokers can tell the difference indeed.

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