Friday, January 30, 2009

Fed tobacco tax increase passes

Well it's official. There WILL be an increase on the fed taxes for tobacco products, which will also raise the prices on cigars and MYO/RYO. Which means even if you make your own carton of cigs, it'll be almost as expensive as buying a Big Tobacco carton.


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Anonymous said...

This it terrible. And totally un American.
America is about choices, when they choices away, they take Freedom away.
A choice to enter a smoke free or a smoke accessible place.
This is getting ridiculus, and raising taxes on a legal and a product that is tradition is not American.
The less choices, the less freedom.
We should have places to smoke, and private industry should dictate who and who cannot smoke.

Many people smoke for other reasons, not just because they are hooked or addicted.
Tax drinks, tax gas, but by all means stop taxing and banning cigerettes.
Bans and Prohibition does not work, and in a Free country, it should not be allowed.