Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did it ever occur to nonsmokers...

...that the smoking bans are anotha reason why the economy has fallen? Sure, that "boy" Bush played a major role in the economy falling down during his 8 years as Preaident. He wasted a lotta money in Iraq for sure.

But no news reporter or journalist is blaming the smokking bans throughout the nation as a reason for the bad USA economy, I'm sure when a hospitality owner is forced to close down, that affects the nation's economy. Especially since I heard in the past somethang like several small businesses end up closing by the WEEK when new smoking bans go into effect.

If this nation had no smoking bans at all including here in Illinois, would the economy recover? I think so, since smokers would be spending more money in the hospitality industry.

I guess the reason why you neva hear major news stations blame the smoking bans for the sh!t going on in the nation's economy cause they don't wanna give smokers a good light on TV. Sorta like I will neva hear positive news stories involving people in my community that are NOT actual celebs or sport playas. The media wants to keep smokers in the same bad light that "we've" already been under for years.

The economy is gonna get worse with fewer smokers buying FSCs as well, Get rid of the smoking bans and the FSCs, and this nation will see a huge improvement in the economy.

Online smokers wanna harp about Obama being a smoker. I oughta ask those smokers "How come he won't admit smoking bans are hurting the nation's economy?"

I'd be lying if I said living as a bro is like living in paradise. Especially in an urban area. That's why smoking is the only real pleasure I have in my life. I can feel for the smokers who hate smoking bans and FSCs. The govt oughta stop messing with the only real pleasure we smokers have at all!

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