Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chicago smoker dies in apartment fire

I heard on the Ch. 7 news this morning about a fire in an apartment on the north side of the city. It happened on Sheridan, that same street on the north side where the Windy City Inn is located.

Firemen said the fire was caused by "careless smoking," and the person in the apartment died in the fire. He was a 72 year-old woman if my memory's right.

"Careless smoking" didn't cause that apartment fire. That person was smoking FSCs. And the FSCs are responsible for that fire.

I've heard of three cigarette-related fires across the nation in less than a month. Including the apartment fire here in Chicago. In the past, I'd hear about only one fire per year caused by smoking. 3 fires in less than a month says a lot about the truth behind FSCs.

Careless smoking....LOL!!! I can't imagine an elderly woman being a careless smoker all of a sudden, sorry to the local media and those firemen.

Can you see a smoker much older than me becoming careless at smoking afta being a smoker for I guess 40+ years? I know I can't see that sh!t happening with a smoker in her early 70s. She had to be a responsible smoker til FSCs came along. Othawise, she would've died much earlier in her life if she WAS a careless smoker.

Those firemen oughta sue Big Tobacco for making fire START cigs.

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