Monday, January 12, 2009

Antis are thugs too

I guess you can call antis "thugs" too, although they certainly don't act like people in my community 100 percent.

Society calls a lotta us that term since we rude, and selfish, and we don't give a sh!t about W's in particular, as long we we get what we want...especially $$$.

That actually describes antis. Antis are rude when talking to smokers. They also rude in the sense of letting their side talk more than the smokers' side during smoking ban debates.

Antis are selfish too. Do you think they care about smokers suffering outside in the cold and seeing owners lose $$$?

Antis don't give a sh!t about anyone who disagrees with their beliefs, especially smokers. Smokers are more like a "fascist version" of a W person to antis.

But at least antis don't steal $$$ from smokers, nor do antis beat up smokers. However, antis DO steal money from smokers via tobacco taxes. That might change with FSCs making BT cigs very unpopular. An anti probably would go as far as beating up and murdering a smoker if he's a hardcore anti....the opposite version of me.

There are actually two thug groups in society. Us, and antis. And antis are actually worse. Cause as long as you smoke or hate smoking bans, they (antis) don't care about your looks. Antis wish ALL smokers were dead. And I wouldn't be surprised if some antis are hoping smoking kills me a lot more sooner than lata. LOL at them!!!

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