Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anti beats up smoker outside of tavern in Madison

If antis online wanna claim smokers neva get beaten up, here's the first online article I came across in a LONG time that deals with a smoker getting beaten up by an ati good.

That smoker who got beaten up got a very good taste of what some in society can do to 2nd clsss folks. The anti's reaction sure rings a bell in my head when the smoker says the chick can do what she wants as a smoker herself. And outta the clear blue sky, the anti starts beating the sh!t outta the male smoker.

An anti like this one deserves to die in an electric chair at best!


man outside tavern

The Capital Times — 1/16/2009 7:33 pm

Casey Arneson may not get the award for Most Righteous Nonsmoker of the Year, but he should probably be a nominee -- depending how you feel about the continuing war between smokers and nonsmokers..

Arneson, 22, won the battle outside of the Depot tavern, at 627 W. Main St., in the early morning hours of Dec. 27, but he may have lost his personal war when he was charged Friday with battery for punching a smoker.

Leandro Reyes, 21, and Hannah Miller were outside the tavern having cigarettes along with others from the establishment, when Arneson, who knows Reyes as a schoolmate from Madison Area Technical College, came by.....

Arneson, the criminal complaint against him says, told another female smoker, "You really shouldn't be smoking."

Reyes later told police he responded to Arneson by saying, "Why don't you leave her alone, she can smoke if she wants to."

That apparently greatly upset Arneson, who walked over to Reyes and punched him in the face with a close fist, knocking him to the ground, the criminal complaint against Arneson says.

"While Reyes was on the ground and unable to defend himself, Arneson punched him several more times," the complaint says.

Hannah Miller gave a similar account of Arneson's actions and said after he knocked Reyes to the ground, Arneson continued to pummel Reyes until others pulled him off and broke things up. Arneson walked away. Reyes told police a day later his face still hurt.

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