Saturday, January 3, 2009

Smokers don't have to put up with smoking bans and FSCs

Comment from the Repeal FSC cigs petition:

"Its bad enough we smokers have to put up with "NO SMOKING LAWS" now we have to put up with bad taste and poison in our cigarettes"

Who said smokers gotta put up with no smoking laws? If more smokers knew they could challenge and fight smoking laws (even ignoring the no smoking laws can help), then you wouldn't have to put up with the dumb laws to begin with. More smokers need to learn to challenge smoking laws and to fight back against em. If more smokers chalenged and ignored smoking laws, the bans would be a thang of the past.

I don't have to put up with bad taste and poison in my cigs. Newports actually DID taste like sh!t when they first became FSCs early this year. But now, they taste more like a normal Newport despite them still being FSCs.

I recall Marlboros going out on me and I had to re-light em. But that neva happened to my Newports. The only time Newports went out on me at all as I smoked is if I smoked outside in the wind. Those FSC Marlboros I smoked were from NY that I got in 2004.

But cherries (the lit cig ends) falling off of my cigs as I smoke inside, forcing me to re-light my cigs? Neva happens with me wheneva I smoke a Newport, and it definitely doesn't happen to the Native cigs I smoke.

For the record, I'm still smoking Black Hawks and Senecas the most. My experiment ended with not smoking a single Newport. I'll smoke a Newport now and then (particularly outside) with my favorite Native brands. But I'm actually smoking less than half of a pack per day now. That's likely a sign of my body being used to Natives.

My body must be used to Natives. Cause sometimes, I can't smoke a whole Newport cig inside. I can think of a brand called Black Hawk menthols that taste like Newports and mintier than Newports. And best of all, Black Hawk menthols don't make my body feel uncomfy.

I still smoke Newports from time to time since that's the brand that defines me as an urban smoker. And I've had good luck in talking to more smokers in the streets with the help of Newports.

But at least I'm smoking non-chemical cigs more now. And it seems like that "addiction feeling" is gone in me too. Cause even afta I smoke a few Newports while outta the crib, once I come in, I'd ratha smoke a Seneca or a Black Hawk 2-3 hrs lata instead of a Newport.

THIRD Hand Smoke?

Here's more antismoking POISON-anda. I didn't know, BTW, tobacco smoke has "3 hands." I could use 3 hands myself.

I notice more people ain't falling for this junk science.....3rd hand smoke. Gimme a Fkin break!


Friday, January 2, 2009

Anyone can post comments on here, BUT...

...I still have moderation for all comments turned on for my blog, including anon comments.

An anon comment from an anti won't get through on here period.

5 new states join the FSC Club

So that means once the smokers in those 5 new states get accustomed to the FSCs, that means more smokers in states like Texas and PA will be quitting, or switching to MYOs/Natives.

As I read online, those customers ARE right FSCs don't taste the same. I notice in early 2008, when Newports first became available in FSC, they tasted like sh!t, and didn't taste ANYTHANG like the Newports I'm used to smoking during my entire life as an urban smoker.
But then lata in 2008, Lorillard changed somethang in the Newports to make em taste a lot more like a modern Newport, despite the fact the packs still say "FSC."
Newport is the only FSC brand I know of where the company actually listens to their customers. Cause the FSC Newports that are made now taste a lot more closer to the original Newports. I rhink they still FSC....but I think Lorillard doesn't exactly add the same sh!t PM and RJR add to their cigs.

Afta all, there's somethang in those Marlboros that make the FSC cig go out and it has to be re-lit 3-4 times. Lorillard doesn't use the same ingredient cause my Newports neva had to be re-lit while I smoked inside cribs.

Maybe Newports were changed a lil bit to tasting kinda normal cause Lorillard doesn't want mills of urban smokers to quit smoking. :)

http://www.qctimes. com/articles/ 2009/01/02/ ap/headlines/ d95f10r80. txt

January 2, 2009 7:45 AM CST

FORT WORTH, Texas - Laws mandating stores only sell cigarettes that are slow-burning and fire-safe went into effect in five states on New Year's Day.

Delaware, Iowa, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas on Thursday joined 17 other states in mandating the fire-safe cigarettes. Fifteen other states have laws that will take effect this year or next, according to the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes.

The paper on these "fire-safe" cigarettes is thicker in two separate spots so they will go out if not puffed when they burn to these areas. The idea is to prevent fires caused when cigarettes are left unattended.

Critics say that the fire-safe brands taste different and can extinguish a cigarette before a smoker is done smoking it.

About 800 Americans die each year in fires caused by careless smoking and the coalition estimates that number will be reduced if at least half the states pass the law.

"There has been a rash of smoking materials deaths," Oklahoma Fire Marshal Robert Doke said Monday. "A cigarette will fall into overstuffed furniture or mattresses when people fall asleep, or it rolls off an ashtray and on to the carpet, then the possibility for ignition happens.

"This cigarette is supposed to snuff out before it can cause enough heat to start a flame."

Julie Alexander, manager of a Tobacco Outlet Plus store in Des Moines, Iowa, said 95 percent of her store's stock is "fire-safe" cigarettes. Many brands have only been available in the new design for some time, she said.

But Alexander said customers' response hasn't been positive.

"Our customers say they are harder to smoke and the taste isn't the same," Alexander said.

According to the coalition, states that already had implemented fire-safe cigarette laws are New York, Vermont, California, Oregon, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Kentucky, Montana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Utah, Alaska, Rhode Island and Minnesota, as well as the Dis! trict of Columbia.

Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Louisiana, Hawaii and Wisconsin have laws that take effect this year, according to the coalition's Web site. Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and South Carolina have laws that will take effect in 2010.

Some states such as Texas are giving retailers a grace period to sell off their old inventory

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Poll Q added

As you can tell, I posted a new poll on my blog. I'm curious in seeing what smokers who smoked FSCs have decided to do about their choice to smoke in general. I sincerely hope these smokers who are negative on FSCs (and rightfully so) neva quit smoking period. Native cigs can help a smoker re-live the days of actually enjoying smoking without calling himself/herself an addict to nic.

The previous poll Q I had one here had 30 total votes on "Should Congress ban flavored cigs, including menthols?"

3 votes said Yes on banning all flavored cigs.
1 vote said Yes on banning all flavored cigs except menthols.
26 votes said No on banning all flavored cigs.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 26, 2008 - Issue #509

"Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you
have carefully considered what they do not say."
- William W. Watt

Interview:On Dec. 18th 2008, the well known author and hostess of "Marketing for Fun and Profit" interviewed the author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains" and "TobacckoNacht! - The Story" about his background, thoughts, writings, and efforts to get those thoughts and writings out to a wider public. A comfortable and entertaining 30 minute interview ranging from marketing QumQuats to shooting pregnant smokers in parking lots. Listen.

From The Mailbag
CA: Loma Linda's smoking ban not aggressively enforced.
MI: IPCPR Salutes MI Legislature for Not Enacting Smoking Ban.
VA: Virginia Needs Spending Reform, Not Higher Cigarette Taxes.
USA: Letter to The American Legion from Sheila Martin.
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Scotland: Youth Smoking Up Despite Ban. "Significant progress has been made in recent years to shift cultural attitudes to smoking, but this report clearly demonstrates that firm action needs to continue if we are to succeed in our desire to make Scotland smoke-free."
UK: Smoking ban fails to curb the habit: Figures reveal men are smoking MORE. The figures, coming after years of declining smoking rates, are a massive blow to Labour's public heath policy.
UK: York pub 'bans' MP Hugh Bayley in smoking row.
The Slippery Slope After Tobacco
Binge drinking comes to France. Long considered a public problem in Britain, binge drinking is now on the rise among young people in France. "I never thought it would be a real problem," says Pierre of his own drinking. "But now, I always need to drink, and that is a problem."
Don't annoy someone in Brighton city or you might get a ticket.
Privacy! Doctors fight plans to hand medical records to researchers and private companies without patients' consent.
The smoking ban in England and Wales
is NOT legal. Part 1 and Part 2
The same exemption that exists for the
house of commons bar, applies to all
property in England and Wales.
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Happy New Year? Maybe not for IL hopsitality businesses

I could say "Happy New Year" iin the sense of I hope all smokers in this group have a blessed new year. And I'd mean it.

But in the sense of IL still having a statewide smoking ban, the new year will be anythang but a happy new year for owners and smokers in this state. But at least several owners are actually saying "F*** U, IL Smoking ban!" by letting their customers smoke.

Making money as owners and workers in the hospitality business is more important than pleasing antis and the ACS in the New Year. I rememba hearing of the raids in IL taverns during 2008. Those raids are Fked up. Instead of raiding a hideout where someone is selling pounds of weed illegally (an example of a real law-breaker), the cops are wasting their time catching violators of a dumb-A law. I bet some of those raids even got violent.

But Happy New Year anyway if I ignore the one negative in the new year for this state.

IL casinos blame smoking ban for revenue drops


It's nice to see more and more IL casinos blame the smoking ban for their fallen revenues. Antis wanna blame the economy. But ALL businesses should have fallen revenues (including fast food places), if there was any truth to blaming the economy.

I dunno what's wrong with having smokers' casinos or smokers-only taverns. I know there used to be colored-only places before I was ever around. If "we" were allowed to have our own businesses legally, how come smokers can't do the same thang? What's illegal about a smokers-only business? Smokers are actually segregated from society in the same sense "we" live in segregation....the only difference is we got our own community. Smokers don't, and they segregated in the sense of nobody wanting to make friends with smokers, and smokers who are denied the right to make paychecks for their choice to smoke. :(

Sunday, December 28, 2008

NY: Patterson looks to tribal sales to help solve budget deficits

I was told some of the comments on this page to the article include comments from Tribe members themselves. i left a comment on there myself.


Paterson looks to tribal sales to help solve deficit

Amazing what a $15.4 billion budget deficit will do.

Just months ago, Gov. David Paterson was pushing off calls that he try to collect taxes on cigarettes sold by Indian retailers. The better way is to negotiate with the Indian tribes, he said, a course taken, and failed, by three governors before him.

So Monday in Utica, just 24 hours before unveiling his plan to solve the state's budget crisis, Paterson signed a bill that he says will have the state collect the cigarette taxes. Today, he will reveal how much he expects the state to make this year from the tax collection efforts in the way of new cigarette excise taxes.

That he chose Utica to sign the bill Monday was noteworthy, all sides agreed. Native Americans saw it as an in-your-face move. He could have just put out a piece of paper announcing his signature on the bill. Instead, he traveled to central New York - a hotbed of anger over the years between Native Americans and non-Indian residents over a range of sovereignty issues - in front of an audience of local politicians with low standing among many Indians in the region. "Why did he do it that way?" one upset Seneca said Monday.

This from a governor who still talks of wanting to negotiate with the Indians on the tax matter.

Naturally, there is skepticism about the latest effort. Tax collection advocates have heard governors before say they will stop the tax-free sales. And nothing has happened since the state won a landmark United States Supreme Court case in 1994 giving it the legal right to collect the tax.

Moreover, there's the matter of likely additional litigation that will delay the collection efforts.

New York might have a better clue of Paterson's intentions in 60 days. That is when the new law he signed Monday becomes effective.