Friday, December 12, 2008

The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter Issue

The United Pro Choice
Smokers Rights Newsletter

December 12, 2008 - Issue #507

"The public is a ferocious beast:
one must either chain it up or flee from it."
- Voltaire
Hamish Howitt. The last UK Pub landlord to fight the smoking ban. Despite numerous fines, threats to revoke his license, close him down and bankrupt him, he soldiers on to make a gallant stand against government oppression.

FTC Cambridge Filter Method. The Federal Trade Commission tosses guidance on tar, nicotine in cigarettes. The commission has rescinded guidance it issued 42 years ago, saying the test method is flawed.

Quit-smoking pill. 339 reports of adverse reactions — 255 of which "describe psychiatric symptoms including depression, aggression, agitation, abnormal dreams, insomnia, hallucination and anger". It has been linked to depression and suicides in the US and Britain. In February the US Food and Drug Administration issued an alert along similar lines to yesterday’s alert from the TGA.
From The International Mailbag
The Canadian Smokers Rights Newsletter, read all the news.
Canada: MB, Smoking with kids in the car will soon be illegal.
Australia: Smoke ban costs clubs, casinos, $1.7m a day.
Australia: Smoking ban costly, figures show.
France: One year after ban, French smoke just as much.
Ireland: Smoking a nice little earner. By John Mallon.
UK: More on Criticism of adoption ban. By Michael J. McFadden.
UK: Researchers call for smoke-free outdoor areas.
From The USA Mailbag
CO: Petition: Undo Colorado's unfair smoking Ban.
IL: Why we can't exempt casinos from the smoking ban.
KS: Group wants city to make smoking ban talk a priority.
MA: Boston considers a ban on cigar bar smoking, and limit sales.
NV: Casino reality of smoking ban damage sets in.
NY: Judge rules Cayuga Nation can't sell cigarettes tax-free.
OH: Smoking law should be amended. By Pam Parker.
OH: Judge Brogan, Warrantless search ruled unconstitutional.
PA: State may loosen up outdoor smoking ban at 14 Universities.
TX: James Graham: Dallas doesn't need worse smoking policy.
USA: Learning from history... Alcohol Prohibition. Repeal Day.
USA: Obama says he won't be smoking in White House.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What so say if someone confronts you about your smoking

I wouldn't know what to say to any new members within the groups this year. If someone tells you to put it out, maybe you can say "This is a cig in my hand. Not a gun. Maybe if you weren't around me, I wouldn't have to put it out."

If a nonsmoker waves his/her hands while walking past you, maybe you can tell em "Do you wave your hands like that when walking past vehicles in the streets? This smoke aint nothang compared to dangerous vehicle fumes.

And if someone tells you "There's no smoking in here," you could probably say "Oh, I didn't know. I'm so used to walking in places and lighting up cause that used to be common in public places for most of my life."

I wonder if I could still get a ticket if I have an UNLIT cig in my mouth as I walk into a place or even down subway stairs. It wouldn't matta. Cause if I'm gonna have an unlit cig in my mouth, I'm lighting that motha up afta so-and-so mins.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cigarette smoking is legal

"We" know tobacco is dangerous? If you mean we as Americans, then I disagree tobacco is dangerous, That's nothang but pure BS. It's actually the chemicals put in cigs made by BT that are dangerous. When Natives make cigs, they put nothang in their cigs but pure tobacco, and that's it.

I agree yes, Obama is an adult. And it should be his choice to quit smoking. ALL smokers shouldn't be pressured to quit, not just the Prez-elect.

Everybody didn't know he smoked til the media brought it up. That makes sense to me. I just wish he had no intent on trying to quit. Obama is a brainwashed smoker himself....he's more like an anti sneaking smokes. Which is Fked up to me. If you gonna choose to smoke, then you gotta be on the smokers' side.


http://www.tmnews. com/stories/ 2008/12/09/ opinion.nw- 837981.tms

In a country where cigarettes are responsible for one in five deaths and smoking costs tens of billions of dollars in health care, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has been under pressure to set an example by giving up his reported two-decade-old habit.

We admit that smoking is not healthy. Kicking the habit is the best alternative, and tobacco use is dangerous.

However, it's not up to the American people to decide whether or not the next president should or should not smoke.

The decision to quit is one a smoker must make on his/her own.

News interviewers Barbara Walters and Tom Brokaw have both attempted to badger Obama about his habit.

The politician has dodged the questions, preferring to point out that he tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and has tried to quit several times. (Note: An election year for the nation's highest office is probably not the best time to quit smoking if you want to achieve successful results.) But what Brokaw was trying to point out is that the White House is smoke-free.

Fair enough, Obama said. He won't break those rules.

Of course, we hope Obama makes the healthy choice by tossing out tobacco. Regardless, he's partaking in nothing illegal and it's nothing he's ever seen in public doing. Matter of fact, few people knew the next president smoked until it was brought to light by the national media.

As an adult, the choice to smoke is his.

And it will be his choice to quit.

Smokers won't quit unless they want to.

This decision is no easier for the president-elect than it is the average 20-year smoker on the street. Quitting is a long process, and it's something the tobacco user must make up his/her mind to do. The fact is that neither Barbara Walters nor Tom Brokaw will convince the future president to quit.

It's a personal decision he must make on his own with the support of his family and close friends.

Monday, December 8, 2008

IL: Smoking ban hurts small businesses

Here's a recent IL-based article, with the comments area included. Me left two comments on there just now before posting this link.


I believe Jim left a comment on there of his own. Antis think smokers' SHS kills more than guns?

Well, I wish I could experiment that opinion. A gun can kill a nonsmoker in a matta of seconds if I pull one good shot at the person's body. But even if I smoke in front of a nonsmoker for hours and blow smoke in his/her face, he/she will NOT die on the spot. My smoke won't even cause the nonsmoker to start bleeding heavily in the face or chest. You can survive from inhaling SHS. But good luck if you think most people in a group can survive from getting hit by gunshots.

Smoking kills more than guns....that is the funniest lie from antis. Even I know that's a lie cause I know what a gun can do if you point it at nonsmokers. Guns kill a lot fasta than SHS. A person can die from a shot before I'm even finished smoking just one cig. (LOL to myself)

Ohio violators of smoking ban seldom punished


"If the law isn't being enforced, I'm really saddened," said Ana Titus, a spokeswoman for Ohio division of the American Cancer Society. "That's not what Ohio's 2.2 million voters voted for in 2006."

It ain't sad to me. I'm darn proud it's not being enforced. Just last night when I was downtown in my town with our OWN state smoking ban, it was easy as he!! for me to smoke 3 cigs inside of a subway entrance without being seen by people. Wheneva I saw anyone walking up or down the stairs, I just hid the cig behind my back til they left. I had a good reason to smoke in that area. I ain't smoking in the cold with the darn wind blowing.

I'm sure some folks saw me, but they said nothang to me since I wasn't the only bro smoking in that area. Cause they know when they see me around otha bros smoking and trying to stay warm from the cold, they don't wanna get hurt.

If people are smoking like crazy in Ohio bars, good for them. That's their right and the owners' right to do whateva it takes to stay in business. If you don't like it, move outta Ohio. Sinple as that B'ch.

Obama won't be smoking in the White House?

Link to brief article page

I don't believe any part of that sh!t. If he wants to sneak a cig in there, he has that right.

This no smoking rule imposed by Hillary Clinton from the 90s within the White House shouldn't apply to the Obamas. Cause the last time I checked, Bill Clinton ain't being inaugurated as the next President.

I bet that Obama guy WILL be smoking in the White House. Any rule imposed by Hillary from her days as the 1st Lady shouldn't apply to current or future Presidents.

If I was President, I wouldn't even botha asking Hillary if she wants to be one of my secretaries. She's an antismoker, and antis ain't welcome to be part of my administration. I'd ratha have ladies who smoke as my secretaries.

And if I was President, I'd say "F her no smoking rule. She ain't MY wife. I'M the President. Not her! So I'm gonna do whateva I want while I'm living in this White House as long as I'm President. What's she gonna do if she learns I smoke in the White House? Pay someone to do a hit job on me so I can become the next assassinated President?"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

People are misinformed on Natives brands

I notice some online are misinformed on Native brands. Smokers think Native brands are FSC brands but they ain't. Based on the price of a Native pack, you'll be lucky to find a natural pack of cigs anywhere. The states refuse to sell packs at less than 2 bucks each. And antismokers don't like the idea of selling natural cigs period.

Since natural cigs are chemical-free and FSC-free, antis fear more people would start smoking if natural cigs were more common. Afta all, I heard before on the news that a cig with nothang but tobacco and nicotine in it is not a danger to your health. The reporter said it's the otha ingredients in commercial brands that contribute to the health risks of smoking.

Nicotine can't be dangerous to your health whetha you smoke it or EAT it. That's right...EAT nicotine! If you love eating potatoes for instance, then you're actually eating nicotine.

If nicotine WAS dangerous, then millions of people would be dying or spending time while sick in hospitals from just eating too many french fries...anotha pptato-made product.

You don't hear people saying "Eating potatoes is dangerous to your health." So that means even eating nicotine is harmless to your body. Therefore, smoking a natural cig with nothang but natural nicotine and pure tobacco in em (Native brands don't have added nic amounts in their cigs, unlke commercial ones) is betta for your health.